Medir Velocidad ADSL y FIBRA Optica

Test de velocidad de tu conexión a internet

Adsl test. Measure the speed of your internet.

ADSL Test. Measure the speed of your Internet connection.

Measure the speed ADSL or fiberIt’s very important. Currently, the work, studies, requirements and/or social and family commitments, absorb us leaving us no time enough for ourselves. In households has changed the consumption of Internet,  The demand for Speed With the amount of daily activities we do on the web and the number of devices connected. Today we do not connect only the computer, but we also connect through the smartphones of each of the family, tablets, Smart TV, video game consoles, security cameras, etc.

Measure speed of your connection to Internet It’s very important

In the market there are many offers of speed gauges.  With these speed meters you can be aware and know at all times whether you enjoy a stable connection and quality

When someone hires the service of ADSL (or Fiber optic) for your home or business, the vendor offers so many Mbps. The user accepts it blind even sometimes the same provider explains to him that he may not get the speed promised completely by different factors. But they are still committed to guaranteeing the maximum speed possible.

It is also true that there are times when the internet slows down, for different reasons and the user really does not know or have any idea of the Speed Of the Internet connection you are receiving. For those users there are a variety of tools that measure the true Connection speed That is received at that time.

Two values are shown when measuring the speed of your connection to Internet. Most tools show it.

Lowering speed And Speed of ascent.

Measure Internet speedThe download rate represents the speed you have at that time for downloading content or watching videos on Youtube. The upload speed represents how quickly you can upload content, an example, when you want to post a photo on Facebook or another platform.

We all think we know the speed of Internet connection that gives us the service we pay to our provider, but it is also true that we have doubts about whether it is coming the speed that should arrive. That’s why a good Internet connection speed meter is extremely important, most people don’t know the real speed of the Internet connection they use.

Many are guided only by what their provider announces and have not taken the interest of knowing its true value in practice.

In this article we have included the tool to measure the download speed of any Internet connection usefully for your benefit. Remember to save the page on your bookmarks and periodically perform a speed test of your ADSL or fiber.


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