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How to navigate faster on the internet – Tips


How to navigate faster on the internet – Tips

Navigate faster on the internet? Everyone, ever, we have asked ourselves: How to improve the speed of descent or rise? Well, there are different tricks and tips that can be used to improve and optimize the speed of your internet, without having to have high knowledge or experience with computers. Some of these tips can be taken as routines to always have a better internet speed, no matter where you are.

Measure your internet speed

Measuring your download or upload speed will not directly affect your navigation, but it will give you an idea of ​​what speed you have and thus compare it with the plan you use. If there is any anomaly here, you can realize and take the necessary measures to solve it.
We advise you to try our speed meter.

Position your router better to navigate faster.

If you use a WiFi router, you should know that the connection varies. Try to place it closer to your devices or in a more open area of ​​your house, to improve the connection.

Install an advertising blocker

Extensions such as AdBlock and AdBlock Plus are very popular among users, since by blocking ads, you not only avoid the hassle of clicking by mistake, you also prevent the page from loading all the ads, which will significantly improve your browsing speed In Internet.

Clean history and cache

It is possible that an excess of data in the history and the cache cause your browsers to start and navigate slower on the internet, so a cleaning is recommended every so often. The browsers bring the option to “clean” the configuration, but there are also programs that can help you do it automatically, such as CCleaner.

Check the update schedule

Our operating systems, antivirus and other programs are constantly updated. These updates greatly decrease our browsing speed, so it is advisable to verify when they are made. Some have the option to modify them and make them manual when you are no longer going to use your equipment, so it is advisable to do it this way.

Scan for viruses

Different viruses and malware can affect the performance and speed of your internet, so an analysis could help detect and eliminate them. Consider doing a deep scan and eliminate any threat that is detected.

Consider paying a better plan

The most direct and effective way is directly to pay for a better internet plan, which offers you a higher speed of download and upload.